The Barberettes: A time-traveling girl group


Shinae An Wheeler
Grace Kim
So Hee Park


Piano: Sae Ha Lee
Bass: Hyun Park
Drums: G Young Kim

The story of three young women living with a song

Formed for fun in 2012, the Barberettes have transcended time itself to bring the Doo-Wop music of the '50s and '60s to the next generation with a Korean twist. In just 2 short years, these girls have developed the harmonic talent and stage presence to wow audiences from around the globe. The Barberettes have performed for both hip young crowds and older generations that grew up with this music. They just released their debut album on May 27th, 2014.

For the love of harmony

The 1950-60s was the era when some of the best pop melodies, lyrics and harmonies were created. It's a universal genre of music that resonates with all sorts of fans, bringing them all together to celebrate in their love of music.

The vintage motif of The Barberettes is inspired by classic acts such as The Andrews Sisters and The Kim Sisters. The Barberettes delight a variety of listeners of all ages and backgrounds with their music and bright personalities.

The Journey

Shinae and So Hee met in music school as a teacher and student. All of the girls have vocal training experience, but it took extra practice to develop their unique harmonic style.

Starting out, the girls didn't have any coaches for singing harmonies and simply spent countless hours practicing and perfecting. As a harmony group, the more time spent singing together, the more the voices can blend well and harmonize. This is why many great harmony groups are related. As it turns out, these girls don't need to be related to sound like it.

After only two years singing together, the Barberettes have learned a lot about themselves, both musically and personally. By understanding each other more, the girls have created that "sister-like" connection that allows them to rival the great harmony acts from the past. Each girl brings a different musical color and range, so after many hours of experimentation and practice they have developed the perfect sound and style for their music.

The Process

How do The Barberettes capture that unique and timeless feeling Doo-Wop music provides? Shinae writes the songs, brings them to the other girls and they arrange the harmonies together, fine-tuning until it's perfect.

The Barberettes believe their music is simply a re-imagining of what was done so well back in the day, but with a traditional Korean flair. The act of creating mixtures of new and old styles is how they hope to bring oldies from the '50s and '60s to the next generation.

The Audience

When the girls begin to sing, the crowd reacts to the music almost instantly. Their very first gig was a guest gig at an event with a diverse audience in attendance, and at that point they knew that the band could be big. The music works it's magic on all in attendance regardless of age, class, race or background. The Barberettes describe one of the best parts about being in the band is the joy of performing for so many different types of people.

Success and the Future

The day after their first album's release, their title song "????" went on 6th of MNET indie chart. Since the album's release, their manager's phone hasn't stopped ringing and this is only the beginning. Barberettes International Enterprises aims to bring the Barberettes' beautiful voices and image to a worldwide audience. The girls simply can't wait to expand their musical talents, release a second album and perform all over the world.


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